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The White gold company provided new design of vodka of Gzhelk

From the moment of the emergence in the domestic market Gzhelka vodka became a symbol of faultless quality and excellent taste, firmly having been proved in number of leaders in sales of traditional Russian drink. Gzhelka is, perhaps, the most known vodka brand in the country to which thousands of buyers on open spaces from Vladivostok to Kaliningrad give preference. Today we are glad to provide this drink in bottles of the updated design symbolizing unity of traditions of preparation of the Russian vodka and the modern technologies used in case of production of our products. Updated Gzhelka at the same time will leave directly in both options – original "Gzhelka the Soft" and "Gzhelka the Cedar". "White gold company" considers the main mission to offer the client really high-quality and absolutely safe product. Since selection of suppliers of raw materials and finishing with shipment of ready batches, we try to choose for Gzhelka all the best that all our buyers could appreciate taste and aroma of this Russian vodka. Productions of the company are equipped with the certified quality control systems at all fabrication stages of drink, special attention is paid to protection of products against possible counterfeits. The new bottle made of food glass of the extra quality has directly several degrees of protection. The bottle of a new sample received the unique profile representing a combination of roundish and cut surfaces thanks to what it became much more convenient to be held in hand and it is even more pleasant to observe on the table. In the lower part of a bottle the recognized ancient Russian font on glass applied a brand in the form of the original Gzhelki logo, symbolizing communication of a product with traditions of production of the Russian vodka. Designers paid special attention to appearance of the label of a new bottle. Gzhelka - truly national vodka which is famous for the special, soft aroma. The name of drink is associated with Gzhel – a traditional Russian type of a list of pottery which, as we know, combines white and various shades of blue color. Here and the Gzhelki label changed the color scale on new, differing in prevalence of light tones, as in classical Gzhel. On it you will be able to see a reproduction with a traditional rural landscape, and those honorary rewards which Gzhelka won in different years are lower. The bird who became well recognizable symbol of this brand, certainly is provided both on the label, and on a cover. The design of a bottle "Cedar" differs from original "Soft". In it the green colors symbolizing the Siberian woods and their main treasure – century cedars prevail. The close up on the label represented two big cedar cones against the background of an untouched taiga. Use of holographic elements in design minimizes probability of counterfeits and does shape of a product even more attractive. Vodka as if is filled with aroma of the taiga woods, has unique, soft taste. It absorbed in itself all love traditional Gzhelka for, having added to it new notes which can't but just be pleasant to true judges of drink. Are sure that the new shape of a bottle will be pleasant to our dear buyers, it became even more harmonious and reflecting internal essence of Gzhelka. Now, buying a bottle of new design, you can be sure for 100 percent of its authenticity, so, and as the drink.